Educational video games design a review of the literature

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Educational video game

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International Journal of Computer Games Technology

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The Review discusses current non-entertainment and/or educational games, outlining some examples of video games as tools for learning and, in particular, tools for social change.” This resource is available as a Free Download: RePlay Literature Review and Research Summary (PDF, KB).

In this paper, the term ‘serious games’ is used to refer to video games (VGs) intended to serve a useful purpose. The objective was to review the results of experimental studies designed to examine the effectiveness of VGs and SGs on players' learning and engagement. The literature review is focused and organized around criteria that make online education substantially different from traditional, face-to-face education, and diverse pedagogies that can be used to meet student expectations for online education.

Link to Wiki Literature Review (please contact for permitted access): and upbeat styles and color schemes used by many modern video games. Should the playful design of any product, lesson, or course begin to integrate game elements or gameplay that item would fall under the category of gamification or games, respectively.

the Federation. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE. the basic thrust in terms of educational practice is that teachers should design activities that involve the learner in collaboration and creation of meaning through synthesis of information rather than rote memorization of data (Funderstanding, n.d.

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Educational video games design a review of the literature
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The Female Perspective of Computer Science: Introduction to Educational Games