Furniture design master thesis

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Wilkhahn shows its newest product designed by Phoenix Design to the public: the Conference Chair "Intra".At the ORGATEC in Cologne/Germany, the internationally leading trade show for modern working environments, the furniture manufacturer presents from 23 through 27 October his answer to increased dynamics and more agility in the office environment.

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Munaaz is the end solution to all your Catering Equipment requirements, based in Cape Town. Contact Bodging (full name Chair-Bodgering) is a traditional woodturning craft, using green (unseasoned) wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts of chairs.

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The work was done close to where a tree was felled. The itinerant craftsman who made the chair legs was known as a bodger or chair-bodger. Our next installment of ‘Meet The Winners’ features the award-winning Hong Kong-based design team of One Plus Partnership Limited, headed by Virginia Lung and Ajax hopebayboatdays.comished inOne Plus Partnership is known for their mind-blowing work across a host of typologies including retail projects, restaurants, club houses, sales offices and of course cinemas.

Tasman Munro is a Sydney based designer who specialises in Social Design (design for positive social outcome).

A background in woodworking, a degree in Industrial Design and a passion for illustration all contribute to a multi-disciplinary approach to community engagement.

Dining Chairs

The catalog’s design is as industrial as the products it sells, with incredible attention to detail. The product images are actually photographs, retouched by hand to be readable and high-contrast.

Furniture design master thesis
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